Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's My Name?

Seems like there are always a few hostas with no labels anymore, and even though I know it doesn't really matter, I am always curious (besides, if there is a mystery I always like to get to the bottom of it!) and when somebody asks, what's that one? I would like to tell them. If anybody recognizes any of these, please let me know!

Whoever I am, I'm sure pretty!

This WAS a mystery, until it began to open its double purple flowers and I discovered that is the biggest Fuji Botan that I have ever seen, scapes fully 5' tall and the plant is nearly 4' across.

Cherry Berry sported and I divided the sport out of it. This is what I got. Does it have a name? Not Maraschino Cherry, I don't think, fat green scapes with pale purple flowers.

This was sold as Sea Thunder. NOT!  Crisp, glossy leaves, purple flowers. Pretty, small/medium plant.

Another beauty with a missing label.???????

They always look a little, well, lost if they don't know who they are!


  1. The top mystery hosta might, and i stree might be 'leading lady' jim

  2. I am awful at remembering names; I am going to start writing plant names on little stones for identification. Your hostas are lovely!