Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Spring!---Hey, wait a minute!

It was such a beautiful day Friday! Spring was popping up all over the woods. Ginger leaves were getting ready to unfold, bloodroot, anemones and trout lilies were blooming. Toothwort was budding and the moss, though somewhat ravaged by birds and squirrels, was beautiful!

Then Old Man Winter, in a hissy fit, blew in with a mighty cold breath and dumped what he had left in his snowy bag of tricks, all over us.

I have to admit, it is beautiful. The woods is transformed into a fairy land, benches and garden furniture into works of art, even the brush pile that we keep for the small wild critters that live here, is a beautiful confection.

Our Argosy Airstream trailer is fairly shivering, waiting for nice days to get on the road.

The flamingos by the pond seem to be dreaming of Florida.

Even the dogwoods have gone back to sleep.

Robins and mockingbirds have taken shelter under the eaves on the deck, but it hasn't stopped cardinals, finches, juncos and chickadees from visiting the feeders. I tried to get pictures but they weren't in posing moods. My cat couldn't believe it, he kept going in and out all day, from every door he could get someone to let him out of, checking to see if it was warm yet. Like Ray Bradbury's dog, looking for a door into summertime!

But this week, promise of spring is back, with temperatures in the sixties. It's getting closer to April every day! 



  1. Such beautiful photos. I have a few on my blog today as well. If you get a chance to check it out, let me know what kind of plant that is (yesterday's post, I think!) I took it in San Antonio and thought it was so cool. Didn't know you were blogging, but following you now!

  2. That looks like a flowering kale, it is so huge! I've never seen one that big! I guess they grow everything bigger in Texas!:-)