Monday, April 26, 2010

Just for pretty

 I just can't resist taking photos of pretty flowers. Here's some you might enjoy.

Pink spiderwort
Blue spiderwort
Virginia waterleaf

pretty tulip

Iris tectorum, Japanese roof iris in white

Iris tectorum in blue
Star of Bethlehem (ornithogalum)

Pink azalea

Busy bee in Jacob's ladder

Blue Princess holly


Clusiana tulip

strawberry blossom


Ok, I've got that out of my system. Now I can get to thinking about a more interesting post.  Thanks for being so patient!


  1. The pictures spoke volumes while you took a word break.

  2. OK. You just introduced me to a flower that I'm not sure that I can live without now: Iris tectorum. WOW!

  3. If you are at all familiar with the wild crested iris, well, iris tectorum is similar, only much bigger. It is short, less than a foot tall, and the rhizomes grown in a circle, or "crown" pattern. Very florific. I'll take some pictures of the group and post them next time. I love this one! very hardy.

  4. Beautiful, wonderful pictures. I'm very glad I started my day by following hostageek and yourself. Where do you live? I'm sure it must be somewhere in your blog info, but I didn't find it easily. I'm on Vancouver Island in Western Canada and most of the plants you've taken pictures of won't be in bloom for another 3 weeks to a month from now. Thanks again for the good morning!

  5. I'm in SW Missouri, zone 6b. Long ways from you! Thanks for the follow!

  6. You never need to add words with pics like that. The pics tell a wonderful story. jim