Saturday, May 22, 2010

I love Missouri Botanical Gardens!

 It was a most gorgeous day when we were at Missouri Botanical Gardens last weekend, and what a wonderful way to spend our anniversary! We took sooo many pictures, and I have decided that there is no way to edit them down into one post, so this is the first of several.

I have tried to think of how to frame these pictures with words, but I just decided to let MoBot speak for itself, with captions. Enjoy the pictures.

Chihouly glass sculpture arch in rose garden

One of many artworks in the Garden

The Queen of the Garden on her throne....yeah that would be me!

I've always loved this sculpture with bells

One of many gorgeous planters

Victorian garden

glass scultures floating in the pond, Climatron in the background

Detail of Victorian garden

If you can stand another iris pic, Edith Woford

The Maze

Tiger's eyes sumac

Very old hackberry tree. I love the huge, old trees of this garden.

The ancient trunk of this tree is truly awesome.

Another ancient tree, a sweetgum (and Himself, my gardening and life partner)

Japanese tree lilac. Never knew they could get so big!

Daylily garden, not blooming much yet.

except for this one: "Apricot"

Tomorrow, the English Woodland garden, where I could have spent days instead of hours. Fascinating plants there!


  1. I've heard this is one heck of a Botanical garden. It looks so cool. The chihuohy sculpture simply awesome. They have a tour of his work here at our Cheekwood. I hope to make it soon! What a lovely way to spend an anniversary.

  2. I love that glass sculpture! I was there 2 years ago. Even though it was 100+ degrees that day we loved it!