Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day at the Iris Show

Today is Mother's Day, and for my daughter and I, it always means more irises! We have made a tradition of attending the Tri-State Iris Society show that is held here each year and this year is a great one for irises.  Club members show their finest in May, and in August, the club has a sale which we also attend. What a delightful way to spend a morning!

While we were there, a local tv camera crew came to film the show, and we found ourselves on the evening news tonight! Too funny!

It's really hard to pick my favorites of all these beautiful flowers, but here's a few. I always make notes so I will know what to look for at the fall iris sale, and I always lose them. This year I took pictures of both flowers and labels! Now....if I can remember to look at them and make a list to take with me....but that's another story!

Weekend Update

Ring Around Rosie

Copper Bubblebath


Lacy Lynx

Casino Cruiser


Jazz Band

Florentine Silk

Gypsy Romance

Nuclear Nancy


Ozark Rebounder

Just a few more from my own garden. These are all "modern" varieties, some of which have lost their name tags over the years so I don't remember what they are. But they are no less beautiful without a name!
Gypsy Dancer

Blaney Marlow

Cinnamon Twist
Savanna Sunrise

Pagan Dance

The iris has been named our city flower, so every gardener is encouraged to plant them. Last year there was a city sponsored iris exchange, where gardeners were asked to donate irises to be given away or exchanged for other varieties. I love this idea! I hope it gets to be an annual tradition.

"They come! The merry summer months of beauty, song and flower!
They come!"
                                  ---William Motherwell

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