Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's All About the Irises!

I am in love with irises in May, especially the antiques! They have such delicate colors, and each one has a different scent. I. Pallida smells like grape soda. Some of them are spicy, some sweet. One smells like baby powder.

This one smells like peaches.

Cinnamon buns.

A hint of mint here.

More irises. I don't know the variety names, they were all here when I moved to this garden.

One of my favorites

A delicate little flower

 Another favorite

 This is I. Pseudocorus, the water iris. Invasive but beautiful.

Iris border along the edge of the woods. This is where extra irises go when I have to move them, or when I get them gifted to me. We have a lot of walkers on our street when the irises are in bloom, some of them come with cameras. I love sharing the garden!

"What gorgeousness, what blazonry, what pomp of colors
bursts upon the ravished sight!"

                                     --William D. Gallagher

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