Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Best of the Rest: Missouri Botanical Garden

Life here at the Chaotic Garden seems to have gotten pretty busy these past couple of days, and I have not gotten back to the rest of the Botanical Garden. But here it is!

A new garden has been added since we were here last. Glad to see George Washington Carver has been honored with a place here! A national monument at his homestead is here in SW Missouri not far from us.

On to the Kemper Center for Home Gardening, where we learn about ideas for our home gardens, and get all our garden questions answered!

Wind sculptures
The hosta garden at Kemper

I love the sculptures!

Some of everything is grown here, trials, experiments, new plants
Yummy looking lettuces! Beautiful!

River Birches. Love the peeling bark!

A great way to plant a container! The chard and other veggie greens are so beautiful with the flowers.

The Chinese garden is next, small but lovely.

The walk is embedded with mosaics of all sorts of flowers and bird pebble art.

Pomegranate flower and fruit

The Chinese have reverence for rock

Interesting upright dwarf banana. Musella lasiocarpa

Leaving the Chinese Garden, sculpture of sheep

Rainbow Knockout Roses

The Herb Garden

The dry creek

The DinoQuest exhibit was going on in the Climatron, unfortunately we were out of time and the Garden was nearing closing time so we had to miss this and the temperate house. Next time!

The rock garden outside the Temperate House

Tiny Dutch elm in the rock garden. It wasn't over 4' tall!
Ulmas x Hollandica "Jacqueline Hillier"

Chihouly glass sculpture. The light was behind it so I couldn't capture its brilliant blue. Amazing piece of work!
Goodby Missouri Botanical Gardens! So much had to be left out of these posts because of space and time, wish I could have shared it all with you. I've tried to pick the best representational photos of my favorite spots, and hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did.  What a wonderful day! If you would like to learn more, visit 

The William T Kemper center for Home Gardening is worth a visit for any of your gardening questions. There is also a "plant finder" that will enable you to identify nearly any plant that will grow in the MoBot zone, learn about its characteristics and where to locate it. A very valuable resource!

 Thank you for joining us at Missouri Botanical Garden. I hope you will put this garden on your list to  personally enjoy one day!

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  1. I love a post loaded with photos! The Missouri Botanical Garden looks like a very special place.