Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Missouri Botanical Gardens, Japanese Garden

It was a smooth transition from the woodland garden to the Japanese Garden, my next favorite place at MoBot.  (They are all my favorite places, who do I think I'm kidding?!!)

Not going to try to caption all these, just enjoy the wonderful tranquility and let it speak for itself.

The first lantern, guiding us into the garden, set in a gravel stream.. 

This basin was at the entrance to the Garden.

Moss lawn

Hungry Koi looking for a handout. Some of these were 3-4' long!

The bridge to the teahouse island. It was closed except to special groups.

The last lantern on the way out of the garden. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Tomorrow, the best of the rest!!


  1. Japanese gardens are so serene. Thanks for the the tour. I wish I could spend some time by that waterfall!

  2. I've been to this Botanical Garden several times. Your photos are reminding me why the Missouri Botanical Gardens are held in such high regard! Thanks for sharing your visit!

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